General Surgery & Procedures

The general practice undertakes most routine surgeries. On the day of admission please remember:

  • Patients are admitted between 7:30am and 9am. 
  • Make sure the patient hasn’t eaten since 10pm the night before. (This does not apply to small exotic animals such as rabbits. They must have food available at all times). It is also a good idea to keep the cats indoors, so that one can find them in the morning. 
  • You can leave water available at all times. 
  • It is advisable for dogs to be taken for a short walk before admission so that they can empty their bowels. 

We do offer various added extra’s that are not essential, but may be beneficial in certain cases of surgery. These are:

  • Pre-anaesthetic screening – This is generally recommended for animals over 7 years of age and allows us to test organ function (e.g. kidney, liver etc) prior to performing an anaesthetic.
  • Intravenous fluids – This is advisable for longer procedures and older animals. It helps maintain the blood pressure during the procedure and allows for a quicker “flushing” effect of the body after anaesthetic. 
  • Dissolvable sutures – These cause less scarring and can’t irritate later. Note that dissolving sutures are not generally used in the skin. 
  • Microchip – An identification microchip can be placed under the patient’s skin whilst they are anaesthetised. 

If you are unsure whether these “extra’s” may be needed for your pet please do not hesitate to discuss this with the veterinarian or nurse on admission of your pet.